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-- welcome --

this community is mainly for the youth of the world today.... everyone is welcome to post what ever you like.... so long as you dont directly offend anyone here in the community, because that wont be tolerated... post a rant/rave, lyrics you love, a story, pictures what ever you like..... and please introduce yourself

these are the most recent pictures of me... taken around 6pm today.....

well then, my name is raine and i live in miami, fl....... im bored as hell and that is why my friend and I decided to make up our own community... check out our journals emotional_drout & substancezine ...... we are two boring and yet somehow amusing 17 year old dorks.... but we like it that way =)

anyway.... you ppl need to write something interesting so we dont get bored =)
i'll write something later

-=- raine -=-
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